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What is “Jiyimei”: “Jiyimei”is a registered trade mark of our Ningbo yinzhou memory hometextile co.,LTD,Our vision: technology change your life, remember Jiyimei home textiles.“ jiyimei”------Remember me, enjoy your life! About our company,NingboyinzhoumemoryHome Textile Company ,

Formerly Ningbo Yinzhou Ma King crafts Ltd, the company has more than 10 years of experience in bubble-particle production, specialized in the production of memory foam pillows, pillow, cushion , Plush toys, car lumbar pads and other products, is a leading manufacturer of foam particles. The company supports OEM customization, specific suppliers for many domestic and foreign brands, and products are mainly exported to Europe and Japan and South Korea. We provide design, proofing, raw material purchasing, production, logistics and other services. Years of production experience and good cooperative relations with raw materials suppliers, advanced equipment and technology, exquisite technology, ensures that our products were ordered and controlled environment to produce, quality, stability, and are highly competitive in its class, is a reliable partner factories. Company is located in Ningbo yinzhouwuxiang town, Ningbo port only 8 km away, the geographical position of reducing our transportation costs, speed up our logistics operation.

Company has been rated as the Ningbo city observe contracts and keep promise in enterprises, customer satisfaction 98% Above. Company currently has an area of 18 acres, an area of 10000 square meters, in order to achieve the company's development strategy , from OEM to ODM, Company plans to expand a certain scale.

Company has first-class machining equipment and research facilities, the company set up in line with national standards for environmental testing Chamber, is committed to providing customers with environmental protection, ergonomic products.

On the long term development of the company, emphasis on the value of staff, vigorously implement the training program, leadership and staff continued to conduct internal and external training and learning.

We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!