U pillow effect

2017-06-20 11:22

      U-type pillow, also known as: U-type neck pillow, car pillow, air pillow, nap pillow, leisure pillow, gift pillow, U-type travel pillow, etc., is a strong protection of the emerging cervical products. U-pillar can be used around the neck, attached to the top of the shoulder. With the protection of the U-shaped neck pillow, when you lean against the seat when the head will have a strong backing, soft and comfortable, no risk of cervical spine, asleep when the head will not swing around , As if sleeping in bed. It uses the warm sense of memory cotton material, can provide the most common head and neck, soft and real support, does not prevent blood circulation, to avoid the nap caused by neck and shoulder pain, U-pillow can be used in a variety of occasions, , Healthy and comfortable, the cervical disease has a significant role in prevention and treatment.
      U-pillow is suitable for daily office leisure (such as: computer operation, watching TV and long-distance travel, etc.), daily office head and neck for a long time to keep fixed, likely to cause spinal strain, the use of U-pillow, can effectively prevent spine strain.
      U-pillow is a good choice for drivers who are suitable for long-distance driving. It can make the driver to adjust the head 15-20 degrees, to avoid the jugular vein compression, reduce fatigue, is conducive to safe driving.
      U-type pillow has three different materials, respectively, warm sense of memory cotton, flocking and double-layer structure. Which is relatively better two-tier structure.
      Double layer structure
      As the PVC material can not wash the characteristics of flocking U pillow facing the problem of cleaning. Usually after a certain number of times can not be used again, thus reducing its life, and a large number of waste PVC material will lead to environmental pollution problems. Therefore, the market appeared a double-layer structure, that is, liner + jacket structure. Which U-healer's magnetic health care U pill for the most well-known representatives. It uses environmentally friendly materials made of inflatable liner, there is no general PVC problems that are harmful to health. At the same time because of its coat made of soft velvet made, so soft and comfortable, wearing the texture is more similar to the memory cotton material